What does every parent want MORE of?

Yes, sleep.....of course... but even more than that....


Where does the time go? Why can't we get any time for ourselves? Why do we have to go to the bathroom with a kid now? Can we just sit down and have a cup of coffee and rest for more than a couple of minutes? 

When will we be able to think again instead of answer a million questions every second? Why are we always rushing? When will we stop feeling like our husbands are doing us favors watching the kids for a short time while we run errands? 

It’s a good thing our kids are super cute because I seriously don't know how us parents make it through this. It's not only physically taxing, but mentally exhausting, too. I am seven years into it and I'm STILL exhausted. Hope I'm not depressing you, new mamas....  

But - I have learned an enormous amount of tricks to keep my sanity when the kids are in the house and I have no help. My husband travels a ton and we don't have a nanny/sitter. You don't have to go through what I did because I'm going to share my ideas with you. I'm not saying they will all work or that you will ever have enough time to yourself. But.... This stuff will help!

First, we need to learn how to MAKE time! We’ll need the kids to be happy and engaged in activities that are mostly independent. I'll help you challenge your kids’ minds using design thinking by teaching you how to start your kids on projects using STEAM - sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Because while we all need time for ourselves, we also want to encourage development in our kids, right?

Then we’ll set up TIME SAVING systems. I'll include my time-maximizing planning tools for better routines, habits and schedules for you and your family.

Finally, I'm sharing my best ideas on what to do to get YOUR body and mind recharged. You need it. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading to the end. I can't wait to share my ideas with you! Stick around and if you want to get in the loop to be notified when I have a new idea for you, be sure to check out my Facebook Page here. It's free!

See you soon!