Are you helping to design your child's play?


If you want your child to become the inventor, innovator, strategic-thinking problem-solver of tomorrow, you need to provide lots of creative, free play.

But what does that mean exactly? I'll bet you give your child some crayons and a coloring book and it only lasts a few minutes, right?

We are designing their play by choosing what toys and tools come into our home and which hold a prominent place in our environment.

I noticed how easy it was for me to lean on technology and screens to get through the day as a young mom, and while we do use screens in our home, we also provide lots of free time and creative play opportunities.

My wish is for you to have that, too, but to have it in your hands easily. As close to as easy as handing over the iPad or turning on the television. It's a lot of time and energy to be a parent, so let's make it easy and joyful!

I have spent lots of time and energy learning strategies to keep my kids busy with constructive play. You don't have to go through what I did because I'm going to share my ideas with you. I'm not saying they will all work or that you will ever have enough time for yourself. But... This stuff will help!

I'll help you challenge your kids’ minds using design thinking by teaching you how to start your kids on activities and projects using imaginary play and STEAM - sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. I believe we should get our kids started and then let them play on their own. It gives us our time back! We’ll need the kids to be happy and engaged in activities that are mostly independent. 

I also share my best ideas on what to do to get your family happy and organized and your body and mind recharged. You need it. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading to the end. I can't wait to share my ideas with you! Stick around and if you want to get in the loop to be notified when I have a new idea for you, be sure to check out my Facebook Page here. It's free!

See you soon!